While the cloud offers a path forward for increasing speed of innovation and time to market, many enterprises are still struggling with security, reliability, portability, and consistency – across their cloud and on-premises environments. With Google Cloud’s Anthos solution, customers can deploy apps faster (hybrid or multi-cloud) with security built in. As a result they can benefit from high levels of automation while boosting the reliability of their platform.

Manage applications, anywhere

Anthos gives you a consistent platform for all your application deployments, both legacy and cloud native, while offering a service-centric view of all your environments. By decoupling the apps from the underlying infrastructure, Google’s Anthos platform gives you the flexibility to run your services across multiple clouds, on-premises, and even edge locations.

Deliver content faster

Build enterprise-grade containerised applications faster with managed Kubernetes on both cloud and on-premises environments. With Anthos, you can take advantage of your production-ready containerised solutions with pre-built deployment templates. Create a fast and scalable software delivery pipeline across your deployments with cloud-native tooling and expert guidance.

Protect applications and software supply chain

Leverage a programmatic, outcome-focused approach to managing policies for your apps running on both VMs and containers. With Anthos, enable greater application awareness and control with a single pane of glass view for your services’ health and performance.  Anthos allows you to protect your software supply chain by implementing deploy-time security controls to ensure that you deploy only trusted container images.

Reduce costs

Realise immediate operational cost savings by automatically migrating traditional application workloads running in VMs into containers that can be easily added to your CI/CD pipeline. Anthos can run directly on bare metal with no third-party hypervisor, delivering better performance while eliminating licensing costs.

Digicloud’s Whitepaper on Anthos – Anthos for Africa

Africa is on the cusp of a technology revolution.

The continent has the advantage of seeing the challenges other markets have experienced during their own digital journeys.

The position of Digicloud’s whitepaper on Anthos – Anthos for Africa – is that African enterprises looking to introduce digital transformation have the opportunity to reshape the playing field using DevOps and Anthos which are practical tools for arriving at fast, repeatable value. As Africa bridges it’s own service gap, DevOps teams backed with the right tooling will be key to creating the velocity of production required to leapfrog global competitors. Many African corporations’ global competitors enjoy an established market lead, but suffer ageing digital infrastructure, tooling and practices. A well organised DevOps team with the right tools and a good understanding of the volatility they are encapsulating, can deliver value much faster than a set of functional departments whose intrinsic value has, over time, become based on task completion rather than delivery of value.

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