Traditional data warehouses were never designed to handle today’s explosive growth in data, run advanced analytics, or scale quickly and cost-effectively. This impacts the ability for organisations to unlock valuable insights across all areas of the value chain.  As a result, customers are facing increased management costs and restricted agility in managing their data.

Take your data warehouse to the next level with Google Cloud

What makes Google Cloud’s Data Warehouse solution stand out from the competition?

With Google Cloud you can jump-start data analysis with a serverless, self-tuning, and highly scalable enterprise data warehouse that doesn’t require a database administrator to set up or manage. That means you can be up and running in seconds, and start querying gigabytes to petabytes of data using ANSI SQL at blazing-fast speeds.

BigQuery is Google Cloud’s highly scalable, enterprise data warehouse solution.  It offers real-time insights from streaming data, has built-in ML, and has a high-speed in memory BI engine for faster reporting and analysis. Unlock insights at any scale with BigQuery’s support of real-time, advanced and predictive analytics. That includes the querying of data in real-time to know what’s happening across the business right now, or utilising machine learning to predict business outcomes easily

Jumpstart analysis and accelerate innovation

Work smarter – power real-time, agile insights by ingesting streaming data to analyse business events as they unfold

Deploy quickly – set up your data warehouse in seconds so you can query data immediately

Embed intelligence – with advanced AI and ML tools to deliver intelligent predictions closer to the data

Simplify operations with a serverless approach

Get AI-powered insights faster – without having to copy or move your data

The only true serverless data warehouse – remove the operational burden of managing legacy infrastructure

Secure your business cost effectively

Maximize ROI – protect all your business data and investments

Protect budgets – only pay for the storage and compute resources being used

Safeguard resources – maintain full control with identity and access management tools Improve security – keep data safe with encryption at rest and in transit

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