The African Cloud market is growing 

0 million
Africa is the fastest growing digital consumer market with 430 million internet users growing to 600 million by 2025
0 billion
The African continent is expected to produce a combined IT spend of $95 billion across Sub Saharan Africa by 2021
0 billion
Cloud is expected to generate an incremental $2 billion in top line revenue for cloud providers in Africa over the next five years

Digicloud will help position you for success so you can focus on client solutions

As Africa’s Google Cloud Brokerage, we specialise in Google Cloud products, including Google Cloud Platform, G Suite, Google Maps and Chrome.  We help Google bring their products to market, and provide a range of technical and support services.



Digicloud enables resellers to sustainably grow and scale their business. Not only do we distribute and support Google Cloud products in Africa, we also actively work towards growing a strong network of specialist Google Cloud Partners to enable African businesses, governments, universities, schools and individuals with the tools and the skills to utilise all Google Cloud has to offer

Gregory MacLennan, CEO, Digicloud