Our partners say it best!

“When we think about our Google Cloud journey, we automatically think of Digicloud.  It’s impossible to separate the two.  Digicloud enables us in all aspects of our Google journey.  They provide clarity, strategic input and a very unique energy.  We are always up-to-date as to what is going on in the Google world which has definitely given us a competitive edge.”

“Digicloud made the process of understanding how to keep differentiating ourselves easy. What I really appreciated in working with Digicloud was the genuine interest and support for our organisation. Digicloud has been key in helping us to grow within the Africa region, both in English and French speaking markets.”


“With Digicloud onboard there is now somebody talking on behalf of our firm.  We would not have succeeded in getting the best value from our relationship with Google had it not been for Digicloud.  Digicloud ensures we have a strategic understanding of the opportunities in the African market. They drive the African agenda with Google and play a purpose-driven role in our Google partnership.”

“Working with Digicloud has made our lives significantly easier and has given us the clarity needed to move quicker.  Questions are addressed timeously and there is consistent feedback.  We are provided with additional insights that can be transferred to the client.  The support we receive from Digicloud has been an intricate part of our growth, and has sped up our deployment in the market.”


“Digicloud has helped us in too many ways to mention.  Digicloud will always try to make time for us and our issues are always treated as a priority.  The assistance we receive goes beyond just technical and product training, they support us in all areas of our business.”

Testimonials, MKB Consulting

“Digicloud keeps you on your toes. It’s very easy to sit back and become complacent, but Digicloud continuously encourages and motivates, ensuring that you are visible as a partner. Digicloud is always telling us that we can do this, that we can succeed. We keep going because of Digicloud’s continuous motivation.”

Testimonials, Yazi

“We have a great relationship with Digicloud. We have a lot to do together! Whenever we meet with the Digicloud team there is a burst of ideas that we can take action on. If we only do half of those things, we’ll radicalise the market. There’s a great synergy that happens when we collaborate with different people from Digicloud”

“Digicloud have been exceptional cheerleaders offering an amazing combination of practical and emotional support. Our vision wasn’t all that clear, but we are where we are today because Digicloud had a vision, shared it with us and then enabled us on the journey. We have now seen the heights we can reach in the Google ecosystem as we live our shared values of people-centeredness and excellence.”

Testimonials, Cloudsmiths

“We owe a lot of our success with Google to Digicloud.With Digicloud, there is somebody else who can vouch for our services and be a vote of confidence. There were many activities we would not have done had it not been for their encouragement. e.g. our customer success stories and the speed at which they were put together. I don’t ever find myself waiting for a response from the Digicloud team.”

Testimonials, Argility

“The amount of effort, support and work that has been done is beyond compare. Nobody else would do as much and put as much effort into something. The team gives all they can and they communicate frequently.: The amount of support is overwhelming. You don’t see this often.”

Testimonials, Deep Learning Cafe

“We have built a long-term relationship with Digicloud. What we value is that when we need support, it is always there. Digicloud experts have given us fantastic support and advice. Digicloud is a great partner to work with. They are always responsive and helpful, and they go above and beyond to ensure that we are successful.”