Generative AI marks one of the most significant technological shifts in history.  Its impact on individual and business productivity can be significant, with the potential to rival the advent of the internet or the mobile device. Indeed, among organisations considering or using AI, 82% believe it will either significantly change or transform their industry.

Deliver generative AI powered experiences quickly, efficiently, and responsibly, powered by Google’s most advanced technology.


What makes Google Cloud AI the right choice?

The next chapter of generative AI innovation – Gemini

Gemini for Google Cloud

Gemini is the most capable and general model Google has every built, and it is the result of large-scale collaborative effort by teams across Google, including Google DeepMind and Google Research.

duet AI

Gemini for Google Workspace

Gemini for Workspace is a powerful new way of working that helps you write, organise, visualise, accelerate workflows, have richer meetings, and much more. Get started now with a no-cost trial.

Gemini for Google Cloud

Gemini for Google Cloud helps you be more productive and creative. It can be your writing and coding assistant, creative designer, expert adviser, or even your data analyst. Seamlessly integrated across Google Cloud and Google Workspace, Gemini is always at your side, helping you accomplish more in less time.

Gen AI and Vertex AI

Generative AI support on Vertex AI

With Vertex AI, you can interact with, customise, and embed foundation models into your applications, no ML expertise required. Access foundation models on Model Garden, tune models via a simple UI on Generative AI Studio, or use models directly in a data science notebook.

Security with Generative AI

Security with Generative AI

Google Cloud is taking even greater steps to supercharge security with generative AI, investing in key technologies to make strong security pervasive for everyone.


Vertex AI Search and Conversation

Vertex AI Search and Conversation, previously known as Gen App Builder, is the fastest way for developers to build and deploy chatbots and search applications. With step-by-step orchestration tools, developers can now build and deploy gen apps in hours and days instead of weeks and months.

Kickstart your generative AI journey with Google’s 10-step plan!

Not sure where to start with generative AI? See what your industry peers are doing and use Google’s 10-step, 30-day plan to hit the ground running with your first use case.

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Accelerate product innovation with Generative AI
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