Build your cloud foundation through VM Migration with Google Cloud

By taking the traditional, longer approach, companies sacrifice market impact, squander internal capital and increase exposure to market disruptors.  Companies need an approach that reaps the cost, efficiency agility and innovation benefits of cloud in a way that returns value continuously. Google Cloud’s purpose-built, enterprise-grate cloud migration solution gets workloads up and running within minutesThe solution minimised risks and eliminates manual labour costs.  With this end-to-end application, businesses reach the finish line up to 10 times faster – regardless of their application landscape.

Delaying time to cloud leaves companies at a severe competitive disadvantage

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Cloud migration checklist

Cloud migration can be complex, time consuming and risky.  This is especially true when you have hundreds or thousands of existing workloads to move. To help you get started, Google Cloud created a checklist outlining the four basic phases of a successful cloud migration.  Download Google’s checklist

Migration checklist

Your journey to the Cloud

We recommend reading Your Journey to the Cloud from Google Cloud to learn how to prepare for a move that works with your business. When you’re ready to go, reach out to Digicloud for assistance in finding the right team of experts to help prepare you for your migration.  Download the eBook

Migration checklist