Build your cloud foundation through VM Migration with Google Cloud

On-prem resources do not provide any tangible benefits. In fact, they’re a burden. Legacy systems do not add value to businesses and constrain staff due to continuous infrastructure procurement and maintenance.  On-prem systems prevent an organisation from scaling with ease.

A common misconception is that migrating existing workloads to the cloud is complex, time consuming and risky. With the right planning, however, organisations can rapidly establish good migration practices to accelerate migrations and lower risk.

Google Cloud’s purpose-built, enterprise-grade migration solution gets workloads up and running in the cloud within minutes, while minimising risk, eliminating manual labour, and cutting costs.

Explore Google’s migration and modernisation options

Google Cloud’s flexible solutions and services help you migrate your data and apps to the cloud while modernising and innovating at your own pace.

No matter what you have to migrate or why, Google Cloud has solutions ad services to meet your goals and help you succeed and modernise on your terms.



Data Migration BigQuery Data Transfer Service:  A data import service for scheduling and moving data into BigQuery

Databases:  Migrate to Google Cloud databases to run and manage your databases at global scale while optimising for efficiency and flexibility

Database Migration Service:  Make migrations to Cloud SQL simple.

Oracle Workloads:  Reduce overheads, drive innovation and gain agility with a variety of database options for your Oracle workloads

Microsoft SQL Server:  Migrate and run Microsoft SQL Server on Compute Engine or use managed Cloud SQL

Transfer Appliance:  Ruggedised server to collect and physically move data from field locations with limited connectivity or from data centres for ultra-low cost data transfers

Storage Transfer Service:  Tools to help you perform a data transfer, either from another cloud provider or from your private data centre

Application migration Cloud Foundation Toolkit:  Best-practice, open-source, ready-made reference templates for Deployment Manager and Terraform

Migrate for Anthos:  Intelligently extract, migrate and modernise applications to run natively on containers

Migrate for Compute Engine:  Fast, flexible and safe migration to Google Cloud

RAMP:  A holistic, end-to-end migration programme to help simplify your migration path

SAP on Google Cloud:  Maintain business continuity on a secure cloud that gives you business agility while allowing you to maximise the value of your SAP data

VMware Engine:  Migrate and run your VMware workloads natively on Google Cloud in just a few clicks

Modernisation Applications:  Modernise applications for improved cost, performance and scalability

Databases:  Modernise underling operational databases to make your apps more secure, reliable, scalable and easier to manage

Data Centres:  Flexible solutions for exiting or reducing on-premise data centres or other clouds

Data Lakes:  Power analysis on any type of data so your teams can securely and cost effectively ingest, store and analyse large volumes of data

Data warehouses:  Solve for today’s analytics demands and scale your business by moving to Google Cloud’s modern data warehouse, BigQuery

Mainframes:  Reduce costs and increase profits my modernising and migrating your mainframe applications to Google Cloud

Windows:  A first-class experience for migrating and modernising Windows and Microsoft workloads to reduce license cost

Explore key resources

Cloud migration checklist

Cloud migration can be complex, time consuming and risky.  This is especially true when you have hundreds or thousands of existing workloads to move. To help you get started, Google Cloud created a checklist outlining the four basic phases of a successful cloud migration.  Download Google’s checklist

Your journey to the Cloud

We recommend reading Your Journey to the Cloud from Google Cloud to learn how to prepare for a move that works with your business. When you’re ready to go, reach out to Digicloud for assistance in finding the right team of experts to help prepare you for your migration.  Download the eBook