Explore in detail Google’s migration and modernisation options



Data Migration
  • BigQuery Data Transfer Service:  A data import service for scheduling and moving data into BigQuery
  • Databases:  Migrate to Google Cloud databases to run and manage your databases at global scale while optimising for efficiency and flexibility
  • Database Migration Service:  Make migrations to Cloud SQL simple.
  • Oracle Workloads:  Reduce overheads, drive innovation and gain agility with a variety of database options for your Oracle workloads
  • Microsoft SQL Server:  Migrate and run Microsoft SQL Server on Compute Engine or use managed Cloud SQL
  • Transfer Appliance:  Ruggedised server to collect and physically move data from field locations with limited connectivity or from data centres for ultra-low cost data transfers
  • Storage Transfer Service:  Tools to help you perform a data transfer, either from another cloud provider or from your private data centre
Application migration
  • Cloud Foundation Toolkit:  Best-practice, open-source, ready-made reference templates for Deployment Manager and Terraform
  • Migrate for Anthos:  Intelligently extract, migrate and modernise applications to run natively on containers
  • Migrate for Compute Engine:  Fast, flexible and safe migration to Google Cloud
  • RAMP:  A holistic, end-to-end migration programme to help simplify your migration path
  • SAP on Google Cloud:  Maintain business continuity on a secure cloud that gives you business agility while allowing you to maximise the value of your SAP data
  • VMware Engine:  Migrate and run your VMware workloads natively on Google Cloud in just a few clicks
  • Applications:  Modernise applications for improved cost, performance and scalability
  • Databases:  Modernise underling operational databases to make your apps more secure, reliable, scalable and easier to manage
  • Data Centres:  Flexible solutions for exiting or reducing on-premise data centres or other clouds
  • Data Lakes:  Power analysis on any type of data so your teams can securely and cost effectively ingest, store and analyse large volumes of data
  • Data warehouses:  Solve for today’s analytics demands and scale your business by moving to Google Cloud’s modern data warehouse, BigQuery
  • Mainframes:  Reduce costs and increase profits my modernising and migrating your mainframe applications to Google Cloud
  • Windows:  A first-class experience for migrating and modernising Windows and Microsoft workloads to reduce license cost