Education technology that’s easy to use – and easy on the planet

Provide a secure and inclusive digital learning environment for your school – built with industry-leading sustainable practices and commitments.  Google for Education Sustainability – environmentally friendly options for your school.  Paperless classrooms and remote learning. With Chromebooks, you get affordable, versatile, durable devices.  ChromeOS Flex can re-energise Macs and PCs.  `

Google – the cleanest cloud

Renewable energy from all cloud regions
Waste diverted from landfills
More efficient than a typical data centre
Power usage effectiveness (PUE)

ChromeOS and Chromebooks

Invest in educational resources with sustainability already built in, along with efficiency and ease of use to ensure adoption.  ChromeOS products are all built to enable a longer battery charge and lifespan, and are continuously optimised with automatic updates.  The ChromeOS power management capabilities offer efficent charging and optimised device performance.

  • Longevity – extended battery life helps use less energy, durable inner components
  • Secure shareability – Chromebooks can securely be used across multiple accounts
  • Energy efficiency – ChromeOS provides sustainable computing software and hardware
  • Carbon-neutrral cloud:  Chrome runs on clean and energy-efficiency cloud services
  • Versatility – Devices are designed with sustainable and recyclable materials in mind

Google Workspace for Education

At its core, Google Workspace for Education is designed to help school communities teach, learn and work more productively. More efficiency means less screen time, which not only consumes less energy from device usage, but promotes digital well-being.  Technology in education should improve teaching and learning not distract from it.  And that also means setting a strong example of responsibility by choosing sustainable products and services from Google for Education.

Google Workspace for Education sustainability resources