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With Gemini for Google Workspace

Discover a powerful new way of working, teaching, and learning with generative AI.

Gemini is an AI-powered assistant that can help you save time, create captivating learning experiences, and inspire fresh ideas — all in a private and secure environment.

Gemini is your AI assistant across Google Workspace for Education

Get Gemini for Google Workspace

Gemini for Workspace provides an enhanced Gemini chat experience using our most capable AI models widely available today and access to Gemini across the Workspace apps you already know and love. Add Gemini for Workspace to your existing Workspace for Education edition by purchasing one of the following add-ons.

Gemini for Education pricing

Access Gemini with added data protection, free of charge

Educators and students 18 and up will soon be able to access Gemini with added data protection when using their school accounts, free of charge in a standalone experience at

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