Re-energise your school’s fleet with a modern OS

ChromeOS Flex is a version of ChromeOS that is made to modernise your school’s existing devices.

At no cost to download, ChromeOS Flex transforms your school’s existing devices and provides everybody with a unified, modern teaching and learning experience.

Featuring proactive, built-in security and cloud-based management capabilities, ChromeOS Flex enables you to extend the life of your fleet, which benefits the environment and your school’s budget.

Give everyone in your school a unified teaching and learning experience with ChromeOS Flex.

Scholars using Google for Education
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Install ChromeOS Flex for free in three easy steps

Benefits everyone in your school community

For school admins
Unify existing devices and new Chromebooks under Google’s simple and powerful cloud-based management system to reduce time spent maintining multiple backend

Make the most of your IT budget – download ChromeOS Flex for no cost and add Chrome Education Upgrade to manage your devices at scale

Save IT Staff time with the management efficiencies and security measures that go with a loud-based fleet

manage devices easily fro the central Google Admin console – with the the Chrome Education Upgrade, configure hundreds of device policies, control user access and install or manage apps from anywhere

Quickly install ChromeOS Flex with automatic downloads of users’ settings, bookmarks, and policies stored in loud profiles

Contribute to your school’s sustanabilty goals by running your fleet on the cleanest cloud in the industry and extend the life of your deices to help reduce e-waste

For everybody else in your school community
Create a more unified user experience when using any device in your fleet, and eliminate the struggle of switching between the interfaces of new Chromebooks and existing devices

Boot up devices faster so that they’re ready when class begins

Set up user profiles for easy login across deices and offline capabilities

Enable Chrome Sync to make individuals’ preferences, settings, bookmarks, and extensions available from any device

Work with fewer interruptions with an intuitive suer interface and automatic updates that happen in the background