Bring your best ideas to life with Gemini for Google Workspace

Gemini for Google Workspace is your thought partner, source of inspiration, and productivity booster in Google Workspace.  It is the AI-powered assistant from Google, built right into Gmail, Docs, Sheets and more!

Gemini is your always-on AI assistant across Google Workspace

Features available today

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Generative AI for Marketing

Use generative AI for Marketing

Gemini helps generate campaign briefs, project plans and presentations.
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Generative AI for sales

Use generative AI for sales

Gemini helps create pitch materials to progress sales opportunities and accelerate revenue.
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Generative AI for customer service

Use generative AI for customer service

Gemini helps draft personalised email replies to customer enquiries.
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Learn how to write effective AI prompts in Gemini!

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Duet AI webinar

Google’s Gemini in Google Workspace handbook.

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Duet AI webinar

Protect your data in the Generative AI era.
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Gemini in Google Docs demo

Gemini in Gmail demo

Gemini in Google Workspace demo