Financial services organisations have unique requirements in terms of security policies and standards around data residency, identity and access control, as well as regulatory and compliance obligations.

Cloud technology presents significant opportunities to help financial institutions standardise in multi-cloud or hybrid environments, streamline tasks related to compliance and governance, improve visibility through the use of analytics and minimise complexity with modern collaboration tools.

Google Cloud is committed to helping financial institutions adopt cloud technology and digitise for the future.


Why Google Cloud for financial services?

Shift to changing customer demands

Tailored solutions can help financial services improve their business KPIs

Innovate by redesigning omnichannel customer experiences, transforming data and analytics for smarter decision-making, improving operational efficiencies, and better managing risk, regulations, and fraud.

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Build resilient, secure and scaled infrastructure

Improve time-to-investment decisions through faster and easier data delivery, consumption, and analytics.

Transform your entire business using modern cloud-based architectures, high-performance computing, and AI/ML for quantitative research, risk simulation, market data in the cloud, regulatory reporting, and more.

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Achieve growth through innovative business models

Maximise data’s impact for valuable business insights and smart decisions

Leverage data and analytics at scale to accelerate business growth, mitigate risk, and drive customer-centric business models to deliver better customer experiences.

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Securely grow revenues and reduce operating costs

Enabling digital merchants worldwide to offer customers superior shopping experiences and simpler, safer ways to make online transactions

Efficiently monetise data, expand global revenue streams securely, and easily scale to transaction volume surges while staying compliant and preventing fraud.

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Financial services solutions

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Google for financial services

Eight financial services cloud solutions to create more delightful customer experiences.

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Break down operational & analytical silos, turn data into real-time insights.