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Enterprise IT can often be rigid, complex and expensive. Many organisations with extensive on-prem investments want to take advantage of the cloud’s scalability and innovation.  However, they’re worried about getting locked into the wrong provider.

Anthos, Google open platform, lets you run apps anywhere. Simply, flexibly and securely.


Key features

Anthos enables you to manage GKE clusters and workloads running on virtual machines across environments. You get consistent managed Kubernetes experience with simple installs as well as upgrades validated by Google. Anthos can run on your existing virtualised infrastructure and bare metal servers without a hypervisor layer. Anthos simplifies your application stack, reduces the costs associated with licensing a hypervisor, and decreases time spent learning new skills.

Define, automate, and enforce policies across environments in order to meet your organization’s unique security and compliance requirements. Anthos Config Management evaluates changes and rolls them out to all Kubernetes clusters so that your desired state is always reflected.

Anthos Service Mesh unburdens operations and development teams by empowering them to manage and secure traffic between services while monitoring, troubleshooting, and improving application performance.

Anthos integrates security into each stage of the application life cycle—from develop to build to run—while enabling a defense-in-depth security strategy with a comprehensive portfolio of security controls across all of these deployment models.

Using the Anthos platform, Cloud Build hybrid pools and Cloud Deploy, both in preview, provide the advantages of cloud-native CI/CD across anywhere you can run Kubernetes, including Google Cloud, on-premises, or other public clouds.

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