JumpCloud for MSPs™ is a new product for managed service providers.  JumpCloud for MSPs allows you to deploy and manage JumpCloud at scale to your customers.

With JumpCloud for MSPs, you can fill in the gaps in your stack — without having to rip and replace any solution you’re already using. It’s a powerful Open Directory Platform™ that allows you to centrally manage identity, access, and device capabilities in a single multi-tenant console. These features combine with a partner program providing implementation, marketing, and sales support.

JumpCloud for MSPs Offerings

Multi-tenant management capabilities

Enjoy the full product offering our JumpCloud Partners use, but in a self-service model. The new Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP) has a “Home” tab that contains alerts for your child organisations:

  • User alerts (lockouts, expired passwords, about to expire passwords)
  • Device alerts (inactive later than 7 days, uptime greater than 30 days, disk encryption
  • Software alerts (install failed, software not found, restricted software found, app not used in 30 days)
  • Security vulnerabilities (OS patch management, MFA enabled, antivirus software).

Billing and ticketing integrations

JumpCloud for MSPs integrates with billing systems .  This allows an accurate reflection of license usage in customer accounts. Automated billing integrations help avoid manually billing for license usage. Select events can generate tickets automatically in an MSP’s PSA.  This allows you to work more efficiently and catch problems before customers can report them.

Unique partner programme

The partner program includes marketing collateral, sales support, premium support, and special discounted pricing for MSPs.

Single pane of glass

MSP admins have at-a-glance information.  They also. have the ability to resolve alerts without having to navigate to their child companies one by one.

Benefits of JumpCloud for MSPs

Unifying core management under JumpCloud’s Open Directory Platform for MSPs provides a single pane of glass to see all child companies in one place.

JumpCloud for MSPs complements your existing offering without replacing it, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Using JumpCloud for MSPs, your employees and clients will no longer have to adopt multiple solutions and attend a multitude of training sessions just to learn how to use them.

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How to Enroll in JumpCloud for MSPs

Contact Digicloud and we will start you on the process!