Google Cloud is taking even greater steps to supercharge security with generative AI, investing in key technologies to make strong security pervasive for everyone.

Help detect, contain, and stop threats from spreading

With Google’s AI advances, you can now combine world-class threat intelligence with novel AI-based detections and analytics to identify and contain initial infections and help prevent them from spreading.

Duet AI in Mandiant Threat Intelligence offers AI-powered capabilities that help assess, summarise, and prioritise threat data across proprietary and public sources.

VirusTotal Code Insight helps analyse and explain the behavior of potentially malicious code without needing to reverse engineer scripts.

Help reduce toil and manual work

Duet AI can reduce much of the repetitive work that plagues cybersecurity practitioners. Google are helping reduce the toil it takes to manage multiple environments, investigate incidents, and respond in a timely manner.

Duet AI in Chronicle Security Operations enables you to use natural language to generate queries and interact with security event data. It also provides context and offers recommendations for quick response.

Simplify security for experts and non-experts alike

Google anticipate that their generative AI will profoundly change how practitioners across skill levels “do” security. AI assistive features can help teams stay one step ahead of adversaries with near-instant analysis of security findings to help usher in a new era of effectiveness.

Duet AI in Security Command Center translates complex attack graphs to plain text explanations of exposure and simulates possible attack paths, highlighting impacted assets and recommending mitigations before assets can be exploited.

Google Cloud Security AI Workbench

Built on Vertex AI infrastructure and leveraging threat intelligence from Mandiant, VirusTotal, and Google, Security AI Workbench gives defenders more natural, creative, and effective ways to keep their organisations safe like never before.

  • Powered by Sec-PaLM 2, a specialised security large language model (LLM)
  • Fine-tuned for security use cases, incorporating threat intelligence
  • Features extensions that allow customers and partners to build on top of the platform while still keeping control and isolation over their data
  • Provides enterprise-grade data security and compliance support

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