Harness the power of a data cloud and start planning for change now

Companies often struggle to remove the barriers that sit between them and their data, with 68% of organisations reporting that the are still unable to realise tangible and measurable value from data.

Google brings data and software together for businesses of all sizes looking to build a data cloud.  Google offers the industry’s only unified data platform to take your company beyond anything you can imagine today.

Leading Google Cloud products achieve lower TCO and improved productivity


BigQuery is a serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective multicloud data warehouse designed for business agility.

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Cloud Spanner

Fully managed relational database with unlimited scale, strong consistency, and up to 99.999% availability.

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An enterprise platform for business intelligence, data applications, and embedded analytics.

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Vertex AI

Build, deploy, and scale ML models faster, with pre-trained and custom tooling within a unified AI platform.

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Lower TCO than cloud data warehouse alternatives
Lower TCO compared to on-premises databases
Improvement on data teams’ productivity with Looker
Fewer lines of code needed to build custom models

Why Google for your data cloud?

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Why an intelligent data cloud is key to digital transformation

When enterprises fail to find ways to integrate, manage and use their data, they leave a lot of value on t. e table. This data value gap continues to widen as the amount of data increases.

Organisations must take steps now to close the gap and support value generation if they want to be able to adapt to the inevitable future disruption that is going to define their business.

In this whitepaper Google explores:

  • Why businesses need an intelligent data clout to run day-to-day operations
  • Why data transformation is the key to unlocking more business value
  • How Google can help
Google Data Cloud
Google data cloud

Google’s guide to building a data-driven culture

Does the key to business transformation start with your organisation’s data culture? Read this guide from Google to learn how to foster a culture that improves agility, intelligence, insights, and trust.

  • How embedding AI/ML in the context of business unlocks value from data
  • How data governance and accessibility support data-driven decision making
  • How technology lets you focus on the analysis and use of data, not data tool management
  • How to make it easy for users to trust that data is up to date and accurate