Scaling IT cost savings with Google Cloud

With an unpredictable economy and shifting business strategies, many IT leaders are re-examining their IT spend to ensure it matches new business priorities.  

Google Cloud is here to help solve your toughest challenges, reduce IT spend and prepare for whatever comes next.

Digicloud, in partnership with our ecosystem of Google Cloud Partners want to help you reduce costs and solve for It  operational efficiency. Digicloud’s Google Cloud resellers are able to help organisations better understand and optimise IT spend.  Our resellers have partners with Google to provide IT cost assessments that are helping many organisations better understand and optimise spending.

Our approach …

Google Cloud’s approach to IT value

IT Cost Savings

Concrete takeaways

Understanding the principles of cost optimisation

Google’s whitepaper ‘Understanding the Principles of Cost Optimisation‘ will help you identify ways to reduce overall cloud spend with a cost optimisation strategy.

The whitepaper also explores real-world examples of enterprises that have achieved operational efficiency with Google Cloud.

The whitepaper covers the key principles of cloud cost optimisation and the following topics:

  • Proven processes and strategies for optimising cloud costs
  • How to make your cloud more efficient
  • Steps for cutting compute, storage, network, and data analytics costs
  • Examples from enterprises that have reduced cloud spend
IT Cost Savings