Google Meet hardware – supported in South Africa

Google Meet hardware – meeting devices that make meetings more productive — and more personal

Google Meet hardware – meet and collaborate anywhere

Google Meet hardware is a video conferencing system that enables the people in your organisation to meet and collaborate no matter where they are. The purpose built Chrome devices add Google Calendar integration, device management, screen sharing, and other features. A license and annual subscription fee is required for each device.

A device for every space

Google Meet hardware scales to any size room.  Excel in huddle room with a wide-field-of-view camera, or expand to larger rooms with the optical zoom of a mechanical pan-tilt zoom camera. Google Meet hardware brings the  reliable, easy-to-join video meeting experience of Google Meet to any size room, making HD meetings immersive and stress free.  Connect any meeting room or space to a video meeting with a  single click.  Simple to use, simple to manage and simple to deploy at scale.  All units can be set up in minutes and managed online.

Designed with intelligence

Built with Google AI so that your meetings are effortless:

  • Continuous auto-framing:  camera automatically zooms in on all meeting participants so that you’re always centred.
  • Great audio with TrueVoice™ technology: studio-grade, multi-channel noise cancellation removes distracting sounds and amplifies human voices
  • Hands-free with ‘Hey, Google’ voice-controls: use your voice to join and leave video meetings, dial a phone number and more

Easy to set up and manage

In just minutes, you can set up Meet hardware and connect with your team, whether they’re on another floor or in another country.

Google Meet hardware can self-diagnose any issues and automatically updates the firmware to the latest version, guaranteeing the best video experience.

Remote device monitoring and management make it easy for administrators to stay in control, too.

Google Meet hardware and licensing distributors in South Africa

Google Meet Hardware and licensing is now available exclusively through Digicloud’s Google Meet hardware partner Tarsus Distribution.